Christopher J. Hazard, PhDCEO / Founder


Dr. Chris Hazard obtained his PhD in computer science from NC State on artificial intelligence for trust and reputation. He has worked in and been published in a variety of fields from wireless network infrastructure as a software architect at Motorola, to psychology as part of a post-doc at NCSU, to hypnosis with the National Guild of Hypnotists, to robotics at Kiva Systems, to privacy law working with the Future of Privacy Forum.

Dr. Hazard is most publicly known for leading the devolpment of the 2011 Hazardous Software® game Achron, which won GameSpot’s Best Original Game Mechanic award, and also for his research on game design, for which he has given keynote speeches at major conferences. He has won numerous academic and programming awards, including a best paper award in an international conference, the North Carolina State University Dean’s Fellowship and Valparaiso University Board of Directors’ Independent Research Award.

He obtained his B.S. in computer science from Valparaiso University with departmental honors.

More From Chris

I completed my PhD and was also a post doctoral researcher under Munindar Singh on using discount factor as a basis for reputation in market interactions. My earlier work was on resource allocation in autonomous robot physical distribution systems, multi-agent decision models exhibiting economy of scale effects, and bandwidth allocation in distributed wireless environments using a multi-agent model.  My primary interests are in emergent behavior, strategic behavior, and scalability as they pertain to multi-agent systems.  However, I believe that using an interdisciplinary approach is very valuable and have gained wide experience in a number of fields:

  • Computer architecture (participated in Yan Solihin’s research group from 2004-2006)
  • Programming languages and compilers  (Written 7 compilers/interpreters)
  • Distributed computing (Honors undergraduate work)
  • 3-D graphics rendering
  • Simulation/Discrete event systems (at Motorola and Kiva Systems)
  • Cellular Automata
  • Software Engineering (See ‘CV’)
  • Information theory
  • Computer networks (See ‘CV’)

My current work is on building theory in multi-agent systems to work in proxy for humans in gaming environments and economic transactions. My primary focus in this area is on measuring reputations and agent types, and strategically enacting upon that knowledge

I also have an interest in physics, electrical engineering, and theory of computation.

Projects & Tools:

  • My first real program after HelloWorld, a 3D graphic editor completely written in hand-optimized x86 assembly (with z-buffering, texturemapping, lighting, anti-aliasing, etc.). [Source and binary] (1997-1998)
  • Distributed Computing Honors Project [Thesis] [Source] (2001)
  • Utility to protect files against corruption [protect.c] (2004)

Downloadable Projects: