Gaming Beyond Entertainment

Hazardous Software creates technology that enables and incentivizes people to operate strategically in uncertain environments, regardless of whether it is a game, a simulation, or a real-life event. It’s strategic depth of gameplay can’t be found anywhere else. In addition to software to enhance creativity, we enable strengths in research, productivity, analysis, and mathematical solutions across industries.


Our game engines Resequence™ and Amalgam™ enable players to edit strategies like a document, jump around the timeline, and create high-level strategic plans.


Our services include game design and development for fun and serious applications, game balancing analysis, and incentive and reputation system design.


Games and simulations are a way of experimenting and exploring what-ifs without taking on unwanted risk. Hazardous Software’s mission is to make games and software that challenge the mind, teach people to think about problems in new ways, and to make tools that make hard strategic problems approachable. We strive to make our customers always feel that they have received great deal of value from our products and services that they could not have found anywhere else. We are committed to achieving these goals by fostering an environment that is both highly ethical and creative.

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